Did you know:

If you have forgotten your corkscrew and no one else has bothered to bring one along, there are some very innovative ways of opening a bottle of wine (those who cunningly use screwcaps can skip this read):

  1. Use a screwdriver;
  2. Push the cork in with a blunt instrument (ie a wooden spoon);
  3. Use a shoe (I kid thee not – but do be gentle);
  4. A pair of scissors (watch your fingers!);
  5. A key (don’t break it if it’s your only car key) or a serrated steak knife, or a spoon;
  6. A screw & a hammer – screw in the screw at an angle, use the hammer claw to prise out the cork – bingo;
  7. Use a wire coat hanger;
  8. Pump it out (with a bicycle pump – yes, it works, so long as you have a bicycle and a pump!);
  9. Wrap a towel around the bottle and ‘slap’ it out on a wall (proceed with caution with this one!);
  10. Apply heat to the bottle where the cork ends in the neck and theoretically it’ll gently rise up the neck of the bottle and pop out.  Too many variables on this one, like the bottle can’t be too cold in case it explodes, you need a steady hand and the jury’s out on whether one should use a blowtorch (!) or a lighter.