“Chic” Shack living

I’m tall but not unusually so. Our shack however, was designed for unusually small people. The ceilings in the bedroom and bathroom were so low that I had to keep my head bent just to stand up. When we did get electricity, light fittings were a serious hazard.
In the bathroom, the plumbing was non-existent: there was a massive cast-iron bath but for years it had had a leaking outlet and this had rotted the floorboards to the extent that the bath tilted down sharply at the plug end!
To improve this state of affairs, I extended the room and dug down a foot or two, put quarry-tiles on the floor and installed proper drainage for the bath and basin. Our bathroom now is on two levels and although rough, it has a great shower and I don’t have to crouch when I go into it.
I won’t discuss the sewage. Suffice it to say we’ve had some gruesome moments with the septic tank.