Bohemian Bedroom

The “bedroom” was tiny with an even lower ceiling than the bathroom and we were delighted when Frank, Jo’s father, got his right-hand man Bernard, to put a cement floor into the tractor shed that was attached to the house. The fact that this floor slopes at about 10 degrees has not spoiled the pleasure we take in this large room. Its walls are made of corrugated iron but Bernard lined them and the roof trusses with plasterboard and it is now a very comfortable space. It is still pretty rustic because we have not replaced the split-pole cladding that formed one of the outside walls before the shed was attached but it is roomy and well-insulated. Shortly after moving into the room, we were surprised one night to find that our bed felt like a boat: it was stormy outside and at first I thought I was dreaming, but I quickly realised that the roots of a big pine tree ran under the cement beneath our bed and as the tree bent in the wind, these roots would lift our bed by an inch or two.