For Plettenberg Bay’s emerging wine industry, having a cellar master of the calibre of Anton Smal is nothing short of a gift from the gods.

A local lad (born in George) Anton (or Smallie for short) made his mark at Villeria, creating Cap Classique’s (bubblies) and still wines, ports, noble late harvests and blends.  It was perfect timing – Plett had just been designated a Wine of Origin region and what was really needed was a winemaker with wide-ranging skills. A wine maker of substance.

It’s all about the grapes, and Anton, with his vast vat of knowledge weaves his magic throughout the Plett Winelands – teasing the tastes from the grapes, tweaking the ambrosial liquids in the cools steel vats.

Each vineyard has it’s own unique terroir and personality which needs his skills to unlock the potential of its wines and Cap Classiques.

Anton is as complex and as delightful as the wines he makes. a man of heart, to love passionately what he does; a man of steel, to have the dreams of many in his hands; a man of logic and formulas – as it’s all about getting it right, in the end.

He has given the Plett Winelands the gift of his skills and we have been rewarded amply. Golds, double golds, acclaims …

Anton is in the company of Sollie Sauerman & Vicky Gent (Packwood), Jaco van der Watt (Lodestone), and Gloria Strack van Schyndel (Plettenvale) as winemakers creating a name for the wines of Plettenberg Bay.